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Re-use of offshore infrastructure and platforms: assessing value to communities, industry and the environment

This study investigates the regulatory, economic, environmental and social considerations of future decommissioning practises in New Zealand.

A number of offshore oil and gas installations in New Zealand are approaching the end of their economic field-life and there is an interest in understanding local perspectives of decommissioning and how that may align with international practice.

This report summarises:

  • A literature review of New Zealand’s current legislation and regulatory frameworks related to offshore decommissioning, accompanied by a comparison of selected international jurisdictions
  • The local cost verses benefit analysis of decommissioning options used globally and how that could be applied in the New Zealand context
  • An analysis of benthic community composition around existing offshore oil and gas structures, including consideration of whether the structures themselves have an effect on the composition
  • Marine mammal mapping, based on a review of marine mammal sightings in the Taranaki Bight, with an explanation of migratory, resident or transient behavioural patterns
  • An investigation of social considerations towards decommissioning obtained through media analysis and a range of social engagements

March 2018

  • Re use of offshore infrastructure and platforms March 2018

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