Credit: Dave Allen NIWA

Posted on 17 November 2018

Minister announces Phase II funding

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The Minister of Research, Science and Innovation has today announced the Sustainable Seas National Science Challenge will receive $39.8 million for the second five-year phase of the Challenge. Funding will start on 1 July 2019.

Director Julie Hall said:

“I’m delighted with this announcement and proud of our mid-way review results.  The MBIE review panel said that Sustainable Seas is highly productive in terms of scientific outputs and metrics and that it was impressed with the way Sustainable Seas is working collaboratively with Māori, and a diverse group of stakeholders. We can now build on our achievements in Phase 1 and move forward with certainty of funding.”

New Zealand’s coasts and oceans are one of our greatest cultural, economic and social assets. The Sustainable Seas Challenge objective remains the same – to enhance utilisation of these marine resources within environment and biological constraints. 

Our Strategy for Phase II sets out a plan for delivering this objective, which includes co-developing research projects with Māori partners and with stakeholders.

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